Victoria Painting & Restoration has been dedicated to the highest quality of restoration and painting since 1994. The company is owned and operated by licensed contractor, Gerard O'Loughlin, who has been working in San Francisco since 1987 and has developed a strong reputation for superior painting.

Our intention is to provide superior quality craftsmanship and materials to our clients. We thus prioritize the proper preparation and application of all surface coating. Victoria Painting & Restoration work strictly in accordance with environmentally safe rules and regulations, and are certified in the removal of lead paint.

Some 48,000 Victorian houses were built in San Francisco during the 65 years between the Gold Rush in 1849 and the Panama pacific International Exposition in 1915. Many of the luxurious palaces on Nob and Riscon Hills were destroyed by the 1906 earthquakes. The smaller mansions, town houses, row houses, and mass produced Victorians that remained in sections west and south of the burned out downtown areas, survived.

The Victorians sacrificed their wrought iron crests and ornamentation to WW1 and WW2. Battleship gray paint in return. The 50's brought the modernization of Victorians by covering them up with stucco, asbestos, tarpaper, permanent stone, textcoat, aluminum siding and brick.

For a long time these buildings were treated with reverence, because of their surviving the earthquake, their beauty, style and age. Yet, the facades crumbled with age. Stucco salesmen have been offering discounts since the 20's.

The 60's Victorians found themselves been bravely painted in the colors of the day. The Painted ladies came out of hiding . By the 70's Victorians were been appreciated again.

We at Victoria Painting believe that, the form of a house is its art. Its exterior color and form tell a story to those who want to read it. By rediscovering the houses past you can bring it into the future.



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